Procesamiento de eventos

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Always be prepared and influence the critical moments of your business

How do you have control over unforeseen opportunities and complications in your business?
We allow you to predict the advantages and difficulties that are constantly generated through the algorithmic detection of event patterns.

¿What is it?

Event processing consists of tracking, detecting and analyzing data that comes from multiple sources and in real time, with the aim of predicting and identifying opportunities or threats.

¿How can it help your business?

It will allow you to decide and act quickly to respond to changing market conditions or the maneuvers of your competitors. Make real-time intelligence part of your corporate strategy, providing constant feedback that will enrich your procedures, capabilities, and reactions.

¿How do we do it?

Through a monitoring system of different types of events that happen both in real time and previously existing, the solution will allow you to correlate the data and discover unforeseen events.


Events are not islands

Event patterns allow obtaining information that makes sense as a whole, which can be processed.

Decide and act instantly

Processes should be designed in such a way that they make use of the processed information as soon as it is available.

Constant vigilance

It is necessary to monitor 24 × 7 the events, internal and external. These events may contain information that is likely to indicate the need for business process changes.