Master Data Management

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Data management

Single solution to govern, manage and consume all shared data assets.

We help organizations avoid silos with an all-in-one approach to managing data assets across the enterprise.

Data drives mission-critical operations, analytics, and the customer experience. Our solution allows, in an innovative platform, to manage, govern and consume all shared data assets, which include: METADATA, BUSINESS GLOSSARY, HIERARCHIES, REFERENCE DATA and MASTER DATA.

Multi-domain MDM

Model, govern, and share all of your master data domains across the enterprise.

Reference data management

Manage classifications and hierarchies in your systems and business lines.

Anything 360

Create 360 ° views of any entity by combining transactional and master data.



Virtual data layer

Integrate and supply all the business data your company needs.

Logical data warehouse

Adopt an analytical data architecture that optimizes the use of various data management technologies.

Data as a service

Provide data services to different systems, applications or users.
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