Gestión de datos maestros

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Keep your master data always correct and consistent

Master data is often the most important assets in a company. Various applications in a company are responsible for creating lists of data that are shared and used daily, giving way to duplication.
Manage all your master data and avoid information inconsistencies.

¿What is it?

The solution comprises a set of tools, mechanisms and processes by which the most important information of your company is gathered and standardized in a single master file, avoiding duplication and sharing the most relevant information to the different areas of the company.

¿How can it help your business?

By unifying and consolidating all important information, it will be available to all applications, creating a common reference point of information in the company. The solution will give you the security of using the same reliable data in each department, making your processes more efficient and reducing the margin of error.

¿How do we do it?

In addition to identifying and coding the most important master data, our solution implements processes of standardization, cleaning and data quality analysis.


Your customer will appreciate it

A single consolidated invoice will save you money and improve your customer satisfaction. Additionally, it will benefit you to avoid sending the same information to a customer that appears in multiple databases.

Ensure processes with transparency

The tools will allow you to manage the information with total monitoring of the movements and processes of the different areas of the company. If you wish, it is possible to encrypt various confidential areas to be accessible to certain specific users.

Data governance security

We provide you with controlled access to all information. Make data available to your systems and employees, connecting your applications and databases in an omni-channel experience. A corporate policy aligned directly with a commitment to data management will increase the security of your company in all directions and avoid mishaps and vulnerabilities.